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Image by Nathan Anderson


From a morning workout class to an afternoon Escape Bus, various activities will be offered between sessions to encourage fellowship and community. Check out some of our options below to see which ones you don't want to miss!

Image by Bruno Nascimento

Wake Up and Move!

Jumpstart your day with a morning exercise and reflection that will strengthen your body, heart, mind, and soul. This time together is designed to draw our attention upward, refresh our spirit and increase our heart rate to prepare us to 'make the planet shake!

Clark's Cafe

Throughout the convention, an area known as "Clark's Cafe" will be stocked with coffee, snacks and other refreshing items. This cafe is your energy stop in the midst of all of the other activities you'll be involved with. Clark's Cafe is being run by a youth group from CE Germany, so be on the lookout for even more fun surrounding the cafe!

Image by Clay Banks

Escape Bus

Work together as a team to solve the mystery inside the Escape Bus. Participants will figure out a series of clues to open the doors and win the escape scenario.

Lawn Games

Get a breath of fresh air and enjoy a variety of outdoor games. Games will be available between sessions. 

Image by Massimiliano Morosinotto

Climate Panel

Led by: Thomas Krock and Desmon Haumea

This engaging and interactive panel will examine the intersection of climate concerns and faith, seeking to provide tangible insights into how faith applies to the way we live and interact with the world around us.

Prayer Room

An entire building at Flensunger Hof is being dedicated as a prayer space. This room will be an opportunity for quiet individual or group prayer. Interactive elements will be provided to guide participants in engaging more deeply in prayer and reflecting on what they're learning through the Convention.


Late Night Activities

Glamorous Tent

Each evening after the Main Session, opportunities for continued fellowship, connection and fun will be provided. Each night you'll be able to choose from:

- Campfire & Singing - join other endeavorers in a time of singing around a campfire, led by a worship leader from a different country each night.

- Movie - enjoy an inspiring movie 

- Games - join with others in playing board games in our dedicated games area.

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