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Below find commonly asked questions concerning the Christian Endeavor 2023 Empower Conference. If you have additional questions, please click the button below to contact us via email.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

What is a Christian Endeavor World Convention? 

A conference organised by the charitable organisation and global network 'Christian Endeavor' (officially the World's Christian Endeavor Union) to celebrate the work of God through our ministries internationally. Our world conventions occur once every 4 years, in a different location each time (USA 2018, South Korea 2014, Peru 2010, Hungary 2006 etc.) and bring together CE members from over 40 national CE networks.


Where is the conference located?

The 2023 Christian Endeavor World Convention will be held at Flensungerhof in Mucke, Germany. This is about one hour from Frankfurt. Am Flensunger Hof 10-11, 35325 Mücke-Flensungen.


Who can attend?

This conference is designed to empower young people to understand their God-given abilities and use them to ‘make the planet shake’ for God’s glory. As such, the focus during the conference will be on young people under the age of 30. People of any age who are connected with Christian Endeavor are welcome to come, celebrate and participate in all that God is doing through the CE movement.

How do I register to attend the CE World Convention?

There is a 3-step registration process for the CE World Convention. Step #1 is to complete the 'request info' form. This informs us of your interest and allows us to confirm your eligibility to attend with your national network/union. Step #2 is you will receive confirmation of your approval, along with additional information. Step #3 is to complete the registration payment.


What is the theme of the conference?

The 2023 Christian Endeavor World Convention theme is “EMPOWER: Make the Planet Shake!” It’s our desire to equip every young person with the tools they need to live boldly and lead humbly in a world that’s divided and broken. The next generation has a crucial role to play in building God’s Kingdom through loving God and others deeply. This is how we can empower young people to ‘make the planet shake!’


How much will the conference cost?

Cost of the conference includes registration, food & lodging. Different options are available depending on food and lodging chosen. Discounts for specific regions of the world will also be applied at registration. For more information on pricing, click here.


What airport should I fly into?

Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) is the closest international airport. Those traveling from other parts of Germany, or from European countries, are welcome to drive directly to the convention site. 


How can I/my group be transported from the airport to the conference location?

Transportation from the Frankfurt International Airport to the Flensunger Hof will be provided for a small cost. Please indicate your need for transportation when registering and a representative from World CE will work with you to finalize transportation arrangements.


What should I wear to the conference?

Conference attire is casual, with an emphasis on celebrating the rich diversity of the cultures that will be represented. Attendees often choose to wear CE gear from their regional and national networks, as well as clothing that celebrates their native culture. The weather in Mucke Germany will be 23-29C (75-80F) during the day, and drop down to 15-18C (60-65F) during the night.


Will there be items available to purchase?

World Christian Endeavor will have a variety of items availalbe to purchase to celebrate and commemorate this World Convention!

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