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Main Sessions

Join us for a time of engaging worship, inspirational teaching, and perspective-altering global fellowship each evening of the CE World Convention. This is a time for every participant of the conference to gather together and celebrate what is and can take place through the CE movement. Each evening (Wednesday - Saturday) a speaker under the age of 30 from a different part of the globe will offer their unique perspective on what it means to be empowered to make the planet shake. In addition, important aspects of the vision for CE's future will be shared.


As part of the Main Session each night, the CE Bavaria band "Endeavour Worship" will lead us in singing and worship. This group is made up of people from CE Bavaria and led by Jonel Ott. The band will sing popular and deep songs to engage participants from around the world!

Image by Zachary Nelson

Wednesday Evening

Empowering Youth

with Sengchang Mrong, CE-Bangladesh

details coming soon

Thursday Evening

Growing Where You're Planted

with Anna Förter, CE-Germany

details coming soon

Image by Majharul Islam
Image by Annie Spratt

Friday Evening

Curiosity and Faith

with Kali Sensenig, CE-USA

details coming soon

Saturday Evening

Encouraging The Next Generation


details coming soon

Image by Levi Guzman
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